Hello & Welcome to the DreamBuilder Program Plus

Over the next 12 weeks, you will work with the direct support of Coach Susan as you embark on your journey that will support you in defining, designing, testing, and living into your dream. You will create the seed of your dream, and then prepare, cultivate, and weed the soil to give that seed the very best chance of growing into the life you have imagined.

What you get in the program

A Tried & Tested 90 Day proven 12-step Program with 16 Lessons, (Valued at $5000) that gets results you love to live! Plus personalised Laser Coaching with Coach Susan (valued at $4587)

  • 1 Discovery 45 Minute Strategy Coaching Call

    With Coach Susan (Valued at $300)

  • 2 Bonus 45 Minute 1:1 Coaching Calls

    With Coach Susan (Valued at $600)

  • 12 Weekly Group 1 Hour Laser Coaching Calls

    With Coach Susan (Valued at $3600)

  • 3 Bonus Guided Audio Meditations

    For Your Added Inspiration & Confidence (Valued at $87)

  • Email Access To your Coach

    With Coach Susan

  • Weekly Podcasts

  • Weekly Personal Development Activities

  • DreamBuilder Toolkit

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The Ten Steps of DreamBuilding

The program is broken down into 4 specific phases to help each client discover, learn and grow.


Week 1. Defining Your Dream

  • Listening to your longings & discontent.
  • Writing a list of what you want more of and what you want less of.
  • 1 Hour Group Laser Coaching Calls

Week 2. Testing Your Dream

  • Imagining a life, you would love living in 4 domains: health, relationships, vocation & time & money freedom
  • Testing the dream with these 5 questions:
  • Does it give me more LIFE?
  • Does it align with my CORE VALUES?
  • Does it make me GROW?
  • Does it require help from a HIGHER POWER?
  • Does it have GOOD IN IT FOR OTHERS?
  • 1 Hour Group Laser Coaching Calls

Week 3. Increasing Your Sense of Deserving

  • Redefining what makes you deserving of your dream: You are deserving because you are breathing.
  • Increasing the amount of good you will allow in your life.
  • 1 Hour Group Laser Coaching Calls


 Week 4. Befriending Your Fear

  • Learning to do it afraid
  • 1 Hour Group Laser Coaching Calls

Week 5. Activating the Law of Receiving Through Giving.

  • Welcoming A Greater Flow of Abundance
  • 1 Hour Group Laser Coaching Calls

Week 6. Changing Your Perceptions

  • Successive releasing for better understanding through the practice of forgiveness.
  • 1 Hour Group Laser Coaching Calls

Week 7. Setting Yourself Free Through The Practice of Forgiveness 

  • The Gap - Taking The Steps Between Separation and Connection Through Forgiveness
  • 1 Hour Group Laser Coaching Calls


Week 8. Listening to the Still, Small Voice

  • Learning to recognize the voice of inspired insight.
  • Activating more connection through the art of asking empowering questions.
  • 1 Hour Group Laser Coaching Calls

Week 9. Creating a support system

  • Building a Bigger Believing: Creating a Support System to Navigate the Gap
  • 1 Hour Group Laser Coaching Calls

Week 10. Training Your Mind

  • Changing the Chanel: A Frequency for Answers and Solutions
  • 1 Hour Group Laser Coaching Calls

Week 11. Turning Failure into A Stepping Stone

  • Learning to turn failure from a stumbling block to a stepping stone.
  • 1 Hour Group Laser Coaching Calls


Week 12. Harvesting Your Dream

  • Harvesting Your Dream: The Beginning
  • 1 Hour Group Laser Coaching Calls


  • 2 Bonus 45 Minute 1:1 Coaching Calls

You Will Need

Each week you will need to dedicate at least 60 - 90 minutes to complete each of the learning activities which range from listening to podcast, some light reading and finishing off with completing the personal activities. To complete the Program you will need:

  • A computer with an internet connection

  • A printer to print resources and activities

  • Speakers or earphones

  • A quiet space to do your self reflective activities


  • What is the difference between the 'DreamBuilder' and 'DreamBuilder Plus' programs

    Both programs are designed to help you to achieve your life goals. The DreamBuilder Program is self- led meaning that you do it in your own time and at at your own pace. While the DreamBuilder Plus Program is guided by Coach Susan and includes 12 weeks of group coaching and one on one coaching calls.

  • Do you offer a refund?

    We do not offer a refund, however, we are dedicated to your success and will work with you if you are commited to making your dreams happen.

  • How long will I need to commit to each week?

    Overall you should look at committing at least 60 minutes for learning the concepts each week and a further 30 - 60 minutes to complete the activities. Weekly coaching calls will also take another 60 minutes.

  • Do I have to attend the Coaching calls?

    No! You don't have to attend the coaching calls however, the coaching calls are designed to help keep you on track as well as to provide answers to any questions you may have on the journey.

  • Can I get personal coaching?

    Yes! We are happy to offer one on one coaching to anyone who wants it. However, this is at an aditional cost. Get in contact with me to discuss further.

Do you want a physical copy of the book and cds?

Get your own personal “DREAMBUILDER” comprehensive workbook

For a small amount more you can get the Black Leather Binder with the complete audio program on 12 CDs or immediate electronic downloadable audio files for an extra $120 USD.
Do you want a physical copy of the book and cds?


  • Coach Susan

    Coach Susan

    Life Mastery Consultant

    Coach Susan is a Certified Life Mastery Consultant and Dream Builder Coach, Trainer and Transformational Speaker. She is #1 International Best-Selling Author of the Inspirational and self-help book: ‘Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf’ ‘Healing the Fear of the Narcissistic Werewolf Through the Magic Power of the Pen’ Coach Susan is also a Teacher and Speaker with Conscious Living Global and Transformation TV Internet Platforms.