Do you think there is more to life than what you have now? 

Do you lie awake wondering what life could have been if only you had done things a little differently? 

Now is the time to stop wondering, and start making the changes you want for the life you would love to live.

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Helping you achieve your best

Life is full challenges and problems, and people who do not know where they are going, or surround themselves by the right people are destined to remain lost and unfulfilled. Let me help you:

  • Discover your life purpose

  • Do what you need to do to be happy and successful in life and at work

  • Attract the right people that want to contribute to your success

  • Build your personal confidence to achieve your goals no matter what life throws at you

Is Coaching right for me?

Life coaching unlocks your personal dreams and desires, and helps provide the blueprint and guidance to help you to achieve your personal goals from:

  • Health & Vitality
  • Weight Loss & Management 
  • Personal Relationships
  • Job Fulfilment & Promotion
  • Wealth Creation
  • Debt Elimination

Or any personal goals you have that will improve your life and those around you. 

About Me

Coach Susan is a Certified Life Mastery Consultant and Dream Builder Coach, Trainer and Transformational Speaker.

For over 40 years Coach Susan has worked with people from all walks of life helping them build their dreams, accelerate their results, and create richer, more fulfilling lives.

She is #1 International Best-Selling Author of the Inspirational and self-help book:

‘Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf’‘Healing the Fear of the Narcissistic Werewolf Through the Magic Power of the Pen’

Coach Susan is also a Teacher and Speaker with Conscious Living Global and Transformation TV Internet Platforms.

She is known as the ‘Heart-Centred Change-Agent,’ and can help you transform your Dreams into reality by coaching you with designing a Vision Blueprint specifically created for a life that’s in alignment with the Universe for your Soul’s purpose.

Testimonials from our clients

“I was so fortunate to find Susan! Despite being a Lay Counsellor for eight years, I was not able to pinpoint my lethargy, alias depression. Sue had just the right technique, patience and understanding to jolt me out of my negative mood and set me on the right road! I thoroughly recommend Sue.”

Mish Waters Mousehole, Cornwall United KingdomMish Waters Mousehole, Cornwall United Kingdom

“My first experience when it comes to a one-on-one coaching session Susan assisted me in breaking down my concerns in parts where we discussed each struggle in detail. She then helped me discover what it is that I really want to have for those concerns to be resolved. Together we identified the gaps between where I currently am, to where I would like to be. Her session was prepared & structured. Susan is easy to talk to & she also communicates well. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any of my friends and colleagues.”

Nancy Chen Sydney, AustraliaNancy Chen Sydney, Australia

“I was in a ‘foggy place’ and your Coaching left me feeling energised and motivated. Your passion and belief in the philosophy and strategy of the DreamBuilding® Coaching program were so believable and motivating. I was impressed with your ability to home in on the important issues in my life. I confidently recommend Coaching with Susan.”

Bev Grace - Remedial Massage Therapy Movement Based Somatic Therapy, Adelaide AustraliaBev Grace - Remedial Massage Therapy Movement Based Somatic Therapy, Adelaide Australia

“Time spent with Susan is time well spent! Interested, empathic, patient, encouraging and perceptive, Susan’s Coaching and help was a breath of fresh air in my somewhat stale world. She made me think. Really think. She quietened me, yet also enhanced my voice. She made me focus but also opened a door to a world full of possibilities and hope. Susan’s energies, creative ideas, integrity and persistence that anything is possible, made me believe it too. Life truly is there for the taking. Dreams are there to be lived.”

Susan Bennett, Eastbourne, East Sussex United KingdomSusan Bennett, Eastbourne, East Sussex United Kingdom


  • What is the difference between Life Coaching & Counselling

    Coaching helps you set and achieve goals vs counselling helps you recognise and solve your problems in life. Please be aware this is NOT a counselling service.

  • Is there a money back guarantee?

    The results of the program are based on each individuals levels of commitment and as a result, we are unable to provide a money back guarantee. We do, however, support each Client to make sure they achieve their best outcomes.

  • Can we speak prior to commencing any of the programs?

    Definitely, we offer a free 60-minute strategy session you can book on the website

  • Do you offer Life coaching to everyone?

    There are many conditions where Life Coaching may not be appropriate. I won’t take clients suffering from psychological disorders such as schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, autism, Aspergers syndrome. Life coaching os also not offen efective for people who are struggling with anger management issues or depresion. In these instance I would encourage you to seek medical help or professional counselling.